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Freshy is a revolutionary technology in food preservation and has clinically been proven to be effective in prolonging the shelf life of your food. It is a device for you to put inside your fridge or pantry and is not limited to fruits and vegetables but also works on meat, fish, dairy, beverages, and baked goods. Freshy is all natural, environmentally friendly, and most importantly, it is completely safe. It is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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About Air to Water Generator 

Air to Water Generator is a revolutionary technology that transforms air into drinking water using the least energy possible. Relying primarily on humidity and temperature, this Atmospheric Water Generator captures the “water” in the air, forces it through 12 powerful steps of organic filtration, and provides you with fresh drinkable water. Air to Water Generator works in any room or space. Put it at home or in the office for accessible, safe, pure water without the need to refill!

Product Features

  • Produce up to 8 gallons (30 litres) of 99.9% pure water.
  • Create drinkable water in a room with as low as 35% or more humidity.
  • Have a choice of hot or cold water with customizable temperatures, cold temperature ranges from 39° – 50°F, and the hot range is 167° – 203°F.
  • Store up to 3 gallons of filtered water.
  • Have an advanced leak detection system.
  • Are equipped with a child safety lock on hot water for maximum protection against spills and accidents.
  • Are designed with a 12 stage water-from-air filtration system, including Charcoal Filters, Carbon Filters, a Mineral Filter, a Reverse Osmosis Membrane, a Post Carbon Filter, and 3 Philips UV Sterilization Lamps.
  • Allow a solar power option for an environmentally friendly solution that cuts electricity costs.  
  • Have an alkaline option.

Warranty: 1 Year 


Weight: 110 lbs (49 kg)

Height: 44” (111 cm)

Width: 18” (45 cm)

Depth: 17” (43 cm)


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